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Here is the link:
Join Zoom Meeting

If you would like to listen, welcome: you are vital!

If you’d like to tell a story, just let us know at the start of the session.

Stories should be around 10 minutes long, shorter ones welcome. We never know who’s up and about, so plan for a family audience.

The event will end at 10 pm. We’ll take a short break in the middle.

Since it’s International Day of the Midwife, let’s have optional themes of:

Birth, new beginnings, fresh new life, or helping and being helped, or exhaustion, going above and beyond, impossible tasks

These are suggestions…

Any story you want to tell, or any story that wants you to tell it, we’d love to hear it.

Please speak clearly so we can all enjoy your story, including anyone who is hard of hearing.

Please join with your camera on. Feel free to turn it off later if you’re eating, changing etc. It is hugely helpful to the person telling the story to see your face and see your reactions.

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