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Thu @ 7:30 pm
Oct 2017

7th Annual Cambridge Contest of Liars

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Can you tell truth from lie? Cambridge Storytellers are proud to present their annual Liars’ competition at Cambridge Junction. Meet … Continue →

Sat @ 7:30 pm
Feb 2017

Hunting the Giant’s Daughter

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A young man throws open the doors to King Arthur’s court, names everyone in the room and asks for help … Continue →

Sat @ 7:30 pm
Oct 2016

Fire in the Northern Sky: Epic tales from Finland

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Presented by Adverse Camber in association with Cambridge Storytellers. Commissioned in association with mac birmingham and Beyond the Border Storytelling … Continue →

Sat @ 7:30 pm
Jan 2016

The Shahnameh: the Epic Book of Kings

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An Adverse Camber production, in association with Cambridge Storytellers. Xanthe Gresham Knight, dazzling performance storyteller, dives headlong into the majestic … Continue →