Zero Climate Change Festival Cambridge 15 October 2022

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Marion performing a story

Marion Leeper introduced the session, and told a myth from India

Lorna telling a story, Stefanie listening

Alice Walker told a story of the North American First Nations

Rachel at the Guildhall, in mid-story

Rachel O’Leary tells an Australian myth with scientist Stefanie listening

Malcolm in mid-story, with the Cambridge Storytellers banner in the background

Malcolm Busby told a European story about bird migration

Four Cambridge Storytellers told creation myths at the Guildhall on Saturday 15 October 2022, as part of the Festival.The stories were enhanced by the insightful questions posed by Stefanie Mack, Research Programme Manager at the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge (CCRC) The responsive audience found answers and asked more questions!
Many thanks to Lorna McNeur for these photos

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