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Sheila Arnold tells ‘Locks Opened’, to celebrate Black History Month!

What would you do for freedom? The extraordinary story of a conductor on the Underground Railway and the adventures of the men and women escaping the clutches of slavery, told by Sheila Arnold, master storyteller from the United States.

Discover the true stories of some of the people who used the waterways in their flight to freedom. Taken from the book by William Still, a conductor of the Pennsylvania Underground Railroad, the show will introduce you to Harriet Tubman, “Boxcar” Brown and Ellen Craft and many others, the hardships they faced and the sacrifices they made.

By telling a selection of their stories, Sheila demonstrates what people can overcome when the desire for freedom and the pressure for change become overwhelming.

Sheila Arnold is well known in the United States for her historical storytelling, and her performances based on black history and on the civil rights movement.

Tickets available from the Festival of Ideas website from the end of August.

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