Eleventh Annual Cambridge Contest of Liars

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It’s back! Cambridge Storytellers proudly announce our Eleventh Annual Contest of Liars. And this year, after an extended diet of fake news and election promises, we hope the lies will be bigger and better than ever.

There is a liar lurking in all of us, bursting to get out and display its lying colours. This is a chance to show everyone what a fantastically tall tale you can spin. Instead of being tutted at, you will be applauded, cheered, and the bigger the lie, the higher the roof will be raised.

On Sunday 14 th July at 8.00 in the bar of the ADC Theatre, Cambridge Storytellers will be looking for tellers of tall tales and twisters of the truth to carry on this honourable tradition. There is a long history of lying competitions being held in pubs and meeting places all over East Anglia: a medal inscribed ‘The Noted Liar’ can be found in the Museum of Cambridge. Who knew? The accolade Noted Liar of Cambridge 2019 could be yours! What’s more, there will be a prize of untold worth for the winner.

Why not enter this grand competition of lying? All you need is a well-told lie. It could be the most convincing lie, the most outrageous lie, or simply the most attention-grabbing lie. It’s your lie, you tell it! Our celebrated judge, connoisseur of truths and untruths, will be looking for a lie that is original and well delivered: points will be given for imagination, points for presentation – and points for any other extraordinary lying qualities.


  • Applicants must be aged 18 or over.
  • Lies should be suitable for an audience aged 12 years and over. They will be judged on the basis of their imagination and originality, the performance, and the audience response. And anything else that the Judge decides is important!
  • Lies should be 5 minutes long. They must be told, and not read.
  • Entry costs 50p, and is payable in cash on the day.
  • The decision of the Judge – even, or especially, if it is wrong – is final.


  • Send an email of approximately 300 words, telling us about you and your lie, to chair@cambridgestorytellers.com by Monday 1st July.
  • Applications will be shortlisted, and successful contestants informed on July 3rd .
  • Successful applicants will need to arrive at the ADC Theatre by 7.15 on July 14th.

Tickets on sale soon!

Image used with permission from artist Jenny Fillius, https://jennyfillius.com/.

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