Naughty Japanese Badgers

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Japan has many monsters: alluring women who turn out to be foxes; flesh-eating hags; rat-goblins; spirits that lick dirty bathrooms. But the naughtiest of all are Badgers. They can transform themselves into lovely ladies, old Buddhist monks, teakettles, fence-posts, and they excel at misleading travellers, cheating people, and generally creating mayhem. The ancient art of Kamishibai (paper-theatre) will alert you to the cunning tricks of Badgers, and tell how a roguish rabbit, a cross-dressing actor, and a steam train all got the better of these mischievous beasts.

Tickets, for over 18s only, are on sale through at £10, drink included. It doesn’t have to be a gin!

Sarah Rundle has devised works for the British Council, Wellcome Foundation, Geffrye Museum, and the National Trust, and performed at Stockholm’s Fabula Story Café, the Nivesh Festival in Delhi, Kolkata Book Fair, and Festival at the Edge.

Her work has been described by Ben Haggarty as “truly magical….. it sparkles with a particularly glorious English humour.”

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