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An ancient warlord is looking for three objects that will give him possession of all the kingdoms of the world.

The Sapphire Staff given to Adam at the beginning of the world, that can make the waters of the world part; the Snakeskin Cloak that smells of the Apples of the Garden of Eden; and the Book Of All Things which contains the song of the sun and the thoughts of the rain.  Only two people can stop him…

Join storyteller and tradition bearer Shonaleigh for a unique, immersive weekend of storytelling to experience a living, unbroken oral tradition.

The Druts’yla tradition has been passed down from grandmother to granddaughter by generations of Jewish women. Around 4000 tales are held within the mind and recalled on request. The Sapphire Staff is just part of one collection of stories from the tradition.

During the weekend, we the listeners will guide the journey through the interlinked tales, hearing stories possibly left untold for two generations.  We will also take time to discuss the tradition and the issues raised by the stories and explore how their wisdom can help us navigate life in the 21st Century, whatever our situation or beliefs.

Find out more about Shonaleigh and the Drutsyla tradition

The event will take place 7.30 pm Friday to 12.30 pm Sunday in a relaxed and welcoming setting in the beautiful city of Cambridge. Donations will be asked to cover the cost of simple food and the expenses of the teller.

Contact Marion Leeper on 01223 510756 or by email on marionleeper@gmail.com for more details of the event, the venue and accommodation options. There will only be sixteen places so early booking is advised.

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