Cambridge, city of a thousand and one stories

And where better to find them than at an event hosted by Cambridge Storytellers?

Storytelling is an ancient and powerful, but often neglected, art form. We take pride in searching out the very best tellers from this country and further afield, and inviting them to present their shows in Cambridge. While their inspiration for a show might be rooted in myths hundreds of years old, their presentation could be straight from the 21st century. Stories aren’t only for children!

Recently we’ve promoted shows in venues as varied as Cambridge Junction, Stapleford Granary, the Unitarian Church Hall, the Edge Cafe, and more.
We also tell stories ourselves, both individually and in group shows. Our regular open-mic nights offer the opportunity for us – and you – to tell stories. Listeners are always very welcome: stories need to be heard to come to life. We also organise workshops so that participants can develop their storytelling skills.

You can find us telling stories to families at community events, like Stourbridge Fair at the Leper Chapel and Mill Road Winter Fair.

In addition, our professional storytellers are available to perform at a variety of functions, for a variety of age groups. Find their details here or email

Tak a look at our summary of what happened in 2019-2020 here!

If you’d like to find out more, email us at the address above, or just come to one of our events, and talk to us!